从Elevate 中学到的一些英语表达

最近重新启用了万年不用的elevate,并且准备顺便将自己之前的错误做一个小小的整理。 长期更新。

常用低级形容词的替换方案 ADJ Recall

  • focused <=> devoted ,studious ,watchful

  • tidy <=> clean, uniform, neat

  • different <=> disparate, heterogeneous, uncommon, variegated

  • Immoral <=> wicked, reprehensible, impious

  • easy <=> straightforward, facile

  • imperfect <=> defective, defaced, lacking

  • timeless <=> traditional, conventional,preserved

  • calm <=> quiet, unperturbed, serene

  • careless <=> mindless ,haphazard, imprudent

  • moderate <=> balanced, controlled

  • big <=> colossal, grandiose

  • perfect <=> **unblemished, faultless”

一些表达方式 Expressions

  • Fish out of water
    A person in an unsuitable situation; not “fish outer water”!
  • fit as a fiddle
    In good physical condition.
  • hand over the first
    Rapidly and in large amounts.
  • love lost
    There’s I’ll will between two people or groups.

精简<=>复杂 表达之间的转换 Clarity

  • Along the lines of =resembling _compare one thing with another_
  • Arrived at the conclusion=concluded _have to make a decision_
  • assuming that=if _in the event that something happens_
  • In order that=so _a wordy way to explain a purpose_
  • in view of (because of)the fact that=because _a wordy way to explain reason_


  • Shorten pare snip trim slash
  • Use control manipulate wield
  • Brag flaunt gloat